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Filter Press

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Shanghai Finebey filter press uses eight-point filter plate, reinforced beam, with automatic pulling plate trolley, hydraulic drive automatic turning plate, automatic shutdown and other functions. The operation intensity is greatly reduced. The product line is from 30 square to 250 square, which can be applied to different customers of mixing station. We are also equipped with alloy submersible sewage pump, hydraulic ceramic plunger pump, special feed pump for filter press, filter cloth cleaning function, flow measurement function, etc., to provide different solutions for customers with different working conditions and different needs.


FBY60/870-30UZ Filter press
Filter plate outer diameter870mm
Filtration area60m2
Working FormAutomatic pulling plate
Compression pressure≥20mpa:
Filtration pressure0.6mpa
Number of filter plates46
Number of filter cloth47pieces
Size of filter plate外径870*870mm
Filter volume902L
Filter chamber thickness30mm
Filter Press weight4.0T

Filter Press
Filter Press
Filter Press
Filter Press
Filter Press